About Custom Designs

Our Brand of Fine jewelry, presented in Portfolio on our website, is comprised of heirloom-quality pieces designed and crafted by us within the parameters of high-quality materials and workmanship expected from a better-end house.

If you have a realistic idea or concept you would like to have translated and executed into a beautiful, tangible piece, we should be able to help. Please forward to us your idea(s), contact and any other relevant information for review and pricing.

We work closely with our customers to reach an understanding of what is to be created. All of the work that we deliver is produced with extreme attention to detail. This level of communication and craftsmanship and Professional guidance is very time consuming and it does come at a price. If cost is the driving factor in your quest for a mounting, you'll usually find more favorable prices in readily available pieces.

It is important to be aware that when developing a new product, the cost of a new piece is the cost of the entire process. You're not buying a "ring". You are also buying all of the planning, research, development, engineering, prototyping and communication time, as well as the professional guidance of expert craftsmen with decades of experience.

Please note that we are not a "knock-off" house. Professionally, Ethically and Legally, we respect others' intellectual property. Don't use us to "get it copied for less money."