Meet the Staff

Claude Kebadjian

I am the founder and principal designer at Kebadjian's, having studied in Paris.

For over forty years I have been crafting fine jewelry, which requires meticulous care and attention to detail. I derive much satisfaction from knowing and working with our extended "family of friends" for whom we have crafted both original pieces and reproductions. Every piece has its challenges - and rewards!

Michael Kebadjian

Welcome! My passion for jewelry design began when I was six and saw my uncle craft gold rings.

With my years of experience in designing and working with Gold and Platinum, and advanced education and training in the world of Diamonds and precious gems, I am confident that we can create the design to match your tastes or requirements.

Graduate Gemologist (GIA)
Certified Professional (JA)

Seta Kebadjian

Creating designs in gold, using precious gems, is exciting and challenging!

I love taking a customer's vision and transforming it into a creation that embodies that vision.

The sparkle in a customer's eyes when they see the finished piece brings me so much satisfaction! I look forward to creating a piece for you!