Welcome .. a little about us

Throughout Human History there has been an intangible mystique and allure surrounding jewelry.

This is even truer today despite the advent of the Internet--the great "democratizer of [dis]-information"--relied upon by many as a crutch to help make an informed purchase decision of whats' otherwise a blind item in a totally unregulated industry.

Nobody, after all, wants to make a mistake when buying.

Yet despite these modern advances there undeniably remains a deep fascination in the selection, design and creation of an exquisite piece of personalized fine jewelry--one which is not necessarily restricted only to Diamonds.

An entire panoply of fine coloured gemstones exist that have yet to attain the publics' recognition.

Made with "Old World Craftsmanship" and our "secret ingredient" the long-term reward in purchasing a fine piece far outstrips almost any other personal possession one may acquire, use and enjoy during a lifetime.

With this entendre our database-driven website has been prepared as our portfolio, with almost 2,200 images presented online.

To our present and future private clients we wish to express our thanks for your referrals and goodwill - the very foundation of our business for 48 years. Your confidence and thoughtfulness, especially for gifts as intimate as fine jewelry, is greatly appreciated.

We welcome your inquiries, referrals and appointments at either the above, or at: info@kebadjian.com